Advertising in the App

Conditions for advertising in the Che Browser App

  • Each case is considered individually
  • We can refuse without explanation
  • Price: $250/week
  • No discounts
  • All paid ads participate in rotation. There is no limit on the maximum number of impressions.
  • If fraud is uncovered and/or there are complaints against the advertiser, the ads are removed from display
  • No refunds are possible
  • You accept the above terms if you have made payment


Advertising terms and conditions may change depending on market conditions. Check the current conditions at the time of ordering or renewing an advertisement.

The ad placement process is as follows:

  • You provide an ad template to the Che Browser Support Service (телеграм-контакт @chesupport)
  • After reviewing your ad, a support worker will contact you and give you an answer
  • If the answer is affirmative, then you make a deposit in Che Browser in an amount equivalent to the duration of the ad
  • Support places your ad for the agreed period
  • The money for placing the advertisement is deducted at the time of placing the ad

Announcement format

  • Maximum ad size: 320 characters
  • Contact: 50 characters (telegram, jabber, www, …)

Example ad: