Terms of Use


We use one of the common versioning schemes, consisting of a sequence of numbers. The first of these is the major version, the second is the minor version, and the third is minor changes.

We’ve already had several major releases which were not backward compatible. And according to the generally accepted rules, we had to change the major. Although, as you may have noticed, only the minor was changed. It’s possible that this may have confused some people. In future releases, we will stick to the generally accepted standards.


The time of guaranteed support for a major release is 6 to 12 months. During this period, we release many minor fixes and updates that fix and improve the product. After this period, if the next major release is ready and available to users, we discontinue support for the outdated version.

After support is discontinued, the outdated version will be guaranteed to be available for about another 3 months, after which the servers responsible for the outdated version will be shut down and it will become impossible to use the outdated version. In any case, we notify our users of all such events within the application and in our telegram channel.

Terms of Profile Ownership

When purchasing a profile, you must understand that profiles are not transferable between major releases. Practice shows that it is extremely difficult to maintain backward compatibility between major releases without losing functionality and development speed. For this reason, the profile will be guaranteed to be available to you during the support period specified above for the version of the product with which you purchased it.

You should also keep in mind that profiles become obsolete, as the vendors of the original browsers release new versions with a certain regularity. Profiles that are six months old may be perceived by services/sites as outdated, which can negatively affect their quality (their “passability”). When the period of guaranteed support expires and the servers are shut down, you will no longer be able to access the old profiles. In any case, before the server shutdown you can unload cookies and other important information from your profile. Keep this in mind when planning your work.

Transferring balances between major releases

We will have no problem transferring the remaining balance in your account from the old release to the new release. This is done individually through our support team.

Transferring remaining subscription days between major releases

Transferring remaining subscription days between major releases is also possible. Please contact our support team and they will help you with this issue.


Che Browser is a powerful multi-accounting tool. If used intelligently, it allows you to achieve amazing results. We are unequivocally against Che Browser being used for illegal purposes. You must understand and be aware that you are solely responsible for your actions.

Circumstances of force majeure

We have implemented data backup. And in case of technical failures, we can restore performance with minimal or no loss. But we have no physical or other way to control:

  • the hardware in the data centers
  • guaranteed control over a huge set of third-party software/modules of software used in the operation of the product and infrastructure
  • destructive activity directed towards our resources or infrastructure
  • unlawful activity by users, the results of which can cause complete or partial loss of infrastructure

For the above reasons, but not limited to, we disclaim all liability for both partial and total loss or corruption of data. Please, keep it in mind and if data loss may be critical for you, make periodic backups/downloads of your cookies and other data.

Also, keep in mind that no one is immune to data leaks, and keep this in mind when planning your work. Please be aware that your security is entirely your prerogative.


If our product is not suitable for you for any reason, we will refund you in full for unused profiles and the remaining/unused rental time of the product. Please note that if you have used/started the profile at least once, such profile is non-refundable. A refund is possible only if you have the secret phrase. If you have lost or forgotten it, no refund is possible! Our support may also ask you to:

  • confirmation by mail
  • wallet that was used for deposit
  • transactions
  • any time stamps on any actions

If there is any doubt that you are the owner of the account, we may deny you a refund or postpone the refund until we have fully verified ownership of the account.


Do not tell anyone the secret phrase except our support team!

Our support team contacts are listed below:

telegram: @chesupport

Use these contacts and not others. Follow the link (in the case of telegram) or copy and paste the contact for jabber. When using the search for contacts in Telegram, there is a high probability to get on the fake/clone with a replacement of one or more letters.

If you are not sure that you are communicating with the real support service in Telegram, just re-visit the link above and then you will definitely get to the right chat.

We do not accept manual payment. All payments are made solely inside a personal account by the user himself.

Be vigilant and careful, always check with whom you are communicating!