Problems & Solutions

Black screen when launching the product

When you try to open the application, you see a black screen like the one in the screenshot below:


To solve the problem, you will need to close the application and edit the package.json file in the chebrowser folder.

  • make a backup copy of package.json just in case
  • open the original package.json file.
  • find: –disk-cache-size=0
  • replace it with: -use-angle=gl -disk-cache-size=0
  • save the file
  • close the file
  • run the application

If the above steps didn’t help, you can try one of the following values instead of gl in the -use-angle parameter: d3d9, d3d11, warp, gles.

There are also several other ways to solve this problem. Perhaps some of the following will help you.

Solution #1:

Right-click the chebrowser.exe file, then select “Fix compatibility issues”:


Then select “I don’t see my problem listed”:


Then select “I don’t know”:


Then select “Check the program”:


After these manipulations the application should start.

Solution #2.

This problem also occurs with virtual machines. Try disabling or enabling the “3D Accelerator” in the settings. This should help to solve the problem.

Solution #3.

Deleting the file d3dcompiler_47.dll in the directory, where the “Che Browser” is located, may also help.

Solution #4.

Right-click the chebrowser.exe shortcut and select Run with GPU -> High Performance CPU instead of integrated (tested on win 10).

Solution #5.

Right click on “chebrowser.exe” application, make a shortcut to the desktop as shown in the screenshot below:


Then right-click on the shortcut on the desktop and select shortcut properties. Then in the “object” field at the end we add the key “–disable-gpu “ (you don’t have to write the quotes), like it is on the screenshot:


Next, try to run the application from the shortcut.

Browser freezes on some sites

If you find something similar, please write to our support in jabber or telegram. You can find our coordinates in Contacts.

Proxifier and software problems

Proxifier embeds itself in all processes, including the Che Browser process.

If a bad socks proxy is installed in the proxifier, the Che Browser processes will not be able to access the network. And different errors can occur because of it.

If you have a proxifier installed on your system and you see errors with Che Browser, then disable the proxifier and try restarting Che Browser.