The Shopping section provides a list of goods and services available for purchase. Follow these steps to purchase a product or service:

  • Select the product or service you are interested in
  • Click on it
  • Select the options you want in the dialog box that opens
  • Click on the purchase confirmation button, which is located in the lower right corner of the dialog box


You can subscribe for different periods, starting from one day. In order to subscribe, you need to click on the green button $30 per month. Then a dialog box will appear, where you can select the period you want and immediately learn the cost of subscription.


You can purchase a subscription for several months at a time. For example, you can buy three subscriptions of one month at a time. Thus, you will purchase a 3-month subscription. That way, the months purchased will be summed up.

Buying profiles for Google Chrome (Checkout Chrome Profiles Dialog Box)

In the corresponding fields you can select the exact values for the following parameters:

  • OS version
  • Video card
  • Screen resolution
  • Customization
  • Number of profiles to buy

If you don’t care about the above parameters, you can set the values of the corresponding fields by default (status Any). In this case the system will give you a profile with an arbitrary configuration.


Fingerprint swaps will work as needed on the thousands of sites that use common fingerprinting libraries. Although there are also many sites that use customized or completely unique solutions for collecting fingerprints. Just for these cases, in the Customization field, you can select those sites (domains) for which you need customizations. If you did not specify the domains for which you need customization when purchasing the profiles, you will not get the required quality of substitution on those domains.This, in turn, means that the antifraud systems of the sites for which there are customizations will detect you.


We would like to draw attention to the fact that each customization costs differently. The choice of one or another customization directly affects the final price of the profile. Soon there will be a special section with a list of all customizations and price for each domain.

In the Quantity field you can specify the amount of profiles you want to buy. If this quantity is less or equal to Available quantity, you can confirm the purchase of profiles by clicking the BUY NOW button. Keep in mind that you will not be able to cancel your purchase once you have confirmed your profiles. Please double-check the parameters before buying.


If there are no profiles available for the specified parameters, you should choose OS and Video card, and leave Any in the rest of the fields. The rest of the parameters can be fine-tuned in the profile editing section in the Options block (Advanced Options setting).

Request to add customizations for your domains

We are constantly adding customizations for many different domains. If you haven’t found any customization for your domain, you can always write to our support team and ask them to add customization for the domain you are interested in. In some cases adding customization can be absolutely free for you, while in other cases - for a separate fee. All such issues are discussed individually.


telegram: @chebrowser


telegram: @chesupport