To avoid a variety of problems when using the product, we recommend that you take the registration process seriously:

  • specify a valid e-mail address
  • use a secret phrase
  • Think of a strong password

A valid email is required if for some reason you lost access to it (for example, you forgot your password). Then you’ll be able to recover your password with your mail.

The passphrase may be required only in two cases:

  • password reset (in case you have lost access to your mail)
  • moneyback

There are no other situations in which a secret phrase may be required!


Do not tell anyone the secret phrase except our support team!

Our support team contacts are listed below:

telegram: @chesupport

Use these contacts and not others. Follow the link (in the case of telegram) or copy and paste the contact for jabber. When using the search for contacts in Telegram, there is a high probability to get on the fake/clone with a replacement of one or more letters.

If you are not sure that you are communicating with the real support service in Telegram, just re-visit the link above and then you will definitely get to the right chat.

We do not accept manual payment. All payments are made solely inside a personal account by the user himself.

Be vigilant and careful, always check with whom you are communicating!