How does it work?

This software consists of several parts:

  • Native Application that runs on the Windows OS. It allows you to:
    • Conveniently manage multiple browser profiles
    • Buy profiles gathered from real browsers
    • Top up your balance
    • Extend subscriptions
  • Chrome Browser Extension
    • Performs spoofing of different data
    • Intercepts and corrects different fingerprinting techniques
    • Applies customizations implemented for specific sites
  • Patched version of Chromium Browser


A browser profile is a collection of a wide variety of data from which antifraud systems compile a unique fingerprint.

All of the profiles we provide

  • have been collected from real devices
  • provided only to one person
  • do not contain any generated data.
  • are non-GMO :)

Profile Cloning

The Che Browser does not allow you to clone profiles. Each profile has a unique fingerprint and therefore cannot be duplicated.

Instructions for horizontal page scrolling at high resolutions in Native swap mode

We moved the resolution spoofing from the extension to the chromium source level so that sites and services would get the most accurate values for screen resolution, window size, viewport size, etc. For this reason, we decided to display the page in its actual size. If your profile resolution is larger than the physical resolution of your screen, you will see the page going beyond the right edge of the window. Don’t be afraid of lack of scrollbars and use the following techniques to scroll the page horizontally.


Press the middle mouse button and simply drag the page to the left or right, depending on where you want the page to be scrolled to (the preferred option).

You can also scroll with the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Or you can hold down the Shift key and spin the mouse wheel.

Keep in mind that some sites (e.g., paypal.com) collect keystroke information and also track mouse movements. For this reason, at this point we recommend scrolling by holding down the middle mouse button. We are working on another more intelligent and convenient way of scrolling. It will appear in one of the next releases. Unfortunately, for now we had to give up conventional scrolling, because its use will be visible to a specially trained moderator, who will deal with such incidents.


Content is not displayed in a new window

Some sites may open a new browser window, which may perform some functionality or display some information. If your actual screen resolution is lower than your profile resolution, you may see a small window with just a plain background (usually white). In this case, just stretch that window with your mouse. The content may be centered on the page and it just does not fit in the visible area. This will be fixed in upcoming releases.

Change socket without restarting session

If socks suddenly stopped working during a session, you can simply open the profile to edit and change the socks to a new one. There is no need to restart the browser. All connections will go through the new sock. Although it should be noted that replacing WebRTC will remain the same external address of the socks. This behavior will be fixed in future releases. If you use the WebRTC spoofing feature, you will have to restart the session.



We strongly recommend disabling IPv6 on your system in order to avoid any leaks through this protocol. The vast majority of socks5 proxy vendors provide IPv4 only solutions.

Request failed with status code 419

If you see this message, it indicates that the session has ended. Just restart the software and you can continue working.

Why do I see the same fingerprints on browserleaks.com?

If you see the same fingerprint (e.g. canvas) on different profiles during testing, you probably haven’t read the documentation completely yet. Please take some time and do it. Start with the Customization section.

Note that https://browserleaks.com/ uses its own implementation of canvas-fingerprint collection. We haven’t done any customization specifically for https://browserleaks.com/ because it makes no sense.

How to use in conjunction with 911 proxy?

Configuring port forwarding in 911:

  • Port Forwading — 20000-20010
  • Proxy Tool — Other Proxy Tools

Selecting socks5 proxy

  • right click on the mouse
  • choose free port

In Che Browser in the socks5 proxy settings enter: ip and the previously selected port.


How to use in conjunction with the 911 proxy? (method #2)

This option eliminates DNS leaks and you will need a Proxifier for it.

  • in 911 configure port forwarding: 20000-20050
  • proxy port: custom (set automatically)
  • proxy settings: Proxifier standart edition
  • proxy rules: only “proxy” the applications in 911 s5 program tab, the others go through your local network
  • choose socks5 proxy
  • double click with the left mouse button

In the Program tab, select our browser (if it is not present, add +)


In Che Browser in the socks5 proxy settings enter ip and the previously selected custom port.




Automatic time zone change in 911

If you are using any third party software in conjunction with the Che Browser, such as 911, make sure that the software does not automatically change the time or time zone throughout your operating system. As far as we know, 911 has a function to change the time zone depending on the selected proxy. Be sure to turn it off. And change your timezone when you set up your profile in the Che Browser. Otherwise there are very likely to be problems with timezone swapping.

System Requirements

Virtual or real machine on Windows 7 or Windows 10.

  • RAM: 2GB (4GB+ is better)
  • CPU: 1 core (2+ is better)